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Jeff and Ed have spent the past 10 years performing around the Madison area and across the country.  They have an exceptional acoustic style all their own.  From old time tunes and covers to originals, their music is filled with rhythm and emotion that resonates with their audience.  

Jeff has been a professional

touring musician for the past

24 years.  He has released 8 solo

albums and 1 joint album with Ed Boswell.


Charlie Lehardy writes; "Jeff Rohlwing is a poet-journalist. His music expresses joy, puzzlement, heartbreak, and always hope. Jeff’s music has a kind of acoustic simplicity, purity and beauty. His craftsmanship has been honed on the road where he has performed with just his voice and his acoustic guitar. There's nothing to hide behind in that kind of performance—but it has made him really good."

Jeff also is a member of the Ron Denson Band, The Ted Reinke Trio, and director of Music at St. Luke's Lutheran Church.  


In addition to playing with 

Jeff, Ed is also a member of 

"The Emmylous", "The Ron Denson Band" and "The Ted Reinke Trio".  He currently works in the soil science and Education departments at the University of Wisconsin. Ed has released one joint album with Jeff Rohlwing titled, "Walk With Me".

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